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As the child of two Indian immigrants and an immigrant myself, I never felt like my family or I had the space to actively build resilience. We didn’t have podcasts, the tools or the time. We were too busy working.

And while we look back on our last few decades thanking experience for being our biggest teacher, we wonder what it might've been like to have had this wisdom earlier along in our journey.  

It might’ve helped us be more present with one another, or respond to existential challenges with more calm. Or maybe it would’ve just helped us have more fun along the way. That’s why I built Mandala.

And more recently, that's why Mandala has been focused on the workplace. Because if we can help people at work cultivate resilience, that’ll drive engagement with their teams. And that’ll help them when they come back home to their families.

In 2024, given the rates of quiet quitting (59%, Gallup), the lifetime of a business will depend on the resilience of their leaders. Leaders have the most influence over their team’s engagement levels (70%, Forbes). And the majority of them are feeling burnt-out (53%, HBR).

At Mandala, we offer management training, executive coaching, and org-wide workshops to cultivate resilient leaders so that they can build engaged teams. And, we center the power of storytelling in each program. We immerse participants into custom-built narratives, and invite them to role-play.

At the end of our time together, leaders learn how to have difficult conversations with ease. They learn how to stay calm and centered with amidst customers and clients. And they learn how to focus on the signal, and not the noise, as they reset from an org change.

Along the way, we fold in evidence-based tools that they can use at their desk. Or, back at home. That’s our plan to drive employee engagement.

Finally, Mandala is both a personal and professional journey for me, so whether it’s a note of solidarity or a partnership, I’d love to hear from you.

Tarun J. Galagali

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