A Letter from our Founder

When I first built Mandala, I wasn’t focused on Resilient Leadership. I was focused on resilience for people of color. As a child of two Indian immigrants and an immigrant myself, I never felt like my parents, many of my friends or I had the space to actually nurture our capacity for resilience.

One of the reasons is that we spent most of our time working. And so, I began to focus on workplaces. I figured if we could help workplaces become safe, connected and thrive, we’d have the best chance of serving people of color, and really, all people live in the sort of society that we’re meant to live in.

‍While we offer programming that serves all employees, we focus on managers. We believe that high-touch, customized content can help managers build safe, healthy and innovative teams. Our capacity to be intentional about our content, at a pace that serves our partners, is enabled by the fact that we do not take any external financing from venture capital or angel investors.

If any of this sounds resonant or intriguing, I hope you'll reach out. Whether we end up partnering together, or connecting as fellow travelers on the same journey, it would be a delight to be in touch. It’s important for our collective resilience -- as a business -- to have friends, and well-wishers with us at every stage. We hope you'll be one of them.


Tarun J. Galagali

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Founder & CEO of Mandala for Us

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