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Why We Exist

Most of our leaders do not have the tools or the community to build actualized teams. This lack of engagement leads to both low productivity, and high turnover - yielding an $8.8 trillion loss.

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What We Do

We offer the tools and the community for resilient leaders to actualize their team's potential.  Our programming is 100% customized & cohort-based.

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Mandala for Managers

Whereby managers, at all levels including Directors, VPs, and the C-Suite, cultivate both the tools and the community they need to be resilient leaders.

Topics Covered
: Embracing Difficult Conversations, Art of Listening, Building Psychological Safety, Regulating Stress, Deepening Self-Awareness, Values-Driven Leadership.

Foundation of resilience
Mandala for  Teams  

Whereby individual contributors and managers of a specific team are brought together to learn the foundations of resilient leadership.

Topics Covered
: Mirrors the content for Managers, but using examples and stories that centers the experiences of an individual contributor as well.  

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Mandala for  Students

Whereby students across age groups are the offered core tools around stress management and resilient leadership.

Topics Covered: Self-Awareness, Connection, Stress Management, Bravery, and Resilience.

Our Results 

To capture the impact of our programs, we measure changes in self-reported levels of resilience, along with two sub-factors of psychological safety & well-being.

Leaders that get this right are more likely to be productive, less likely to quietly or actually quit. And, more likely to serve the long-term physical and mental health of their employee population.

NPS: 85

At Flatiron Health, our program achieved a company-wide NPS of 85 from our programming.


ROI: 3.2x

Mandala’s cohort-based programming has observed median shifts in 5.21% burnout and 5.23% psychological safety per participant, reducing attrition risk, and thereby enabling a base-case estimate of 3.2x ROI per dollar spent.


92% Improved Resilience

92% of participants in Mandala's Resilience Community program reported improvements in resilience upon their participation in the program here.


94% Improved Well-Being

Our programming improved the well-being of 94% of participants in the Resilience Community offering.

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Management should be as much about the long-term as it is the short-term. Not only because that’s the right way of building a company, but because there’s a huge financial ROI to doing so. I see Mandala as central in operationalizing a long-term strategy for companies like ours, helping us attract and retain talent.

Unlike other management programs I’ve been a part of, which can feel more like data dumps, Mandala is an experience. It’s given me a safe space for me and my peers to introspect, learn and connect. And it’s helped me show up to hard conversations in a more centered and grounded way.
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Cat Miller
CTO - Flatiron Health
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Case Study

Flatiron Health

We’ve been honored to partner with Flatiron Health, a subsidiary of Roche Pharma, in building Resilient Leadership within their workplace.

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Our Differentiators

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“As the company's chief operating officer I’m responsible for making sure we are building a culture that supports our mission and ideals. Mandala helps us do both.

Mandala has helped me better connect with and understand people on my team, many of whom have very different perspectives and lived experiences.

What makes Mandala special is that it’s given us very practical, easy-to-integrate tools that are informed by values that we hold. It has helped make us a stronger and better community that attracts and retains talent, and in doing so, it helps us create stronger and better business outcomes.”
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Bruce Gottlieb
Chief Operating Officer - Flatiron Health
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Customized Stories

We create customized stories -- personas and narrative arcs --  that resonate with the specific experiences that employees are going through at a moment in time. We use the power of narrative throughout our programs, tailoring our content to meet the needs of organizations as opposed to providing a single sized solution that fits all.


Cohort Based

Reading a book or listening to a podcast or finishing a course can be helpful, but there's no substitute for being around other humans who are committed to learning and healing together. We use a cohort model for our programming, which enables us to see utilization rates that are 3-4x the average benefit or offering.


Concrete Tools

The tools that we share are designed to be implemented right away. They are grounded in the evidence of neuroscience and principles of modern management theories, and include, but are not limited to: non-violent communication, mindfulness, identity-based frameworks, and structured journalling.

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What People Say:

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“Mandala felt like food for the soul. It became a safe place for me that I could go to every week. Before Mandala, there would be many days where I would’ve been a stress ball getting off to work. But now as I go through my day I’m decompressing, at the end of the day, I’m not this ball of negative energy. I’ll go grab my guitar off the wall, I’m smiling and energetic.”
Dwana Agosto
Compliance Manager
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“Mandala has helped me understand how I as a person of color navigate through life personally and professionally. And also, it provided me tools on how to be compassionate to myself, deal with my stressors, and be able to understand the world a bit better than prior to joining this.”
Amri Abuseman
Director of Engineering
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“Mandala’s Resilient Leadership program has been one of the most powerful interventions I’ve been exposed to in the workplace, changing how I work with my team and the people around me. One of the challenges I’ve had in my career is learning how to have difficult conversations. I find that now, I’ve been able to understand how to communicate in a way that’s both direct, and empathetic of people’s experiences. Every manager or leader in the workplace would benefit from what Mandala has to offer.”
Irene Nunes
VP of Global Regulatory Affairs
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“Mandala has been one of the most powerful investments we’ve made into our workplace. From our managers, to our BIPOC employees, to our entire workforce, this is the kind of programming which can move the needle on psychological safety, well-being and ultimately resilience.   
I’ve heard feedback from participants like, “this has changed how I interact with my kids,” or it’s “given me a moment of pause before I reacted.” That’s why I got into this work – to create an employee experience that actually meets the needs of people.
And on a personal level, I’m seeing a different level of engagement in any initiative. Mandala isn't a service that sits on a shelf. It’s a service that transforms how we understand ourselves and each other. And how resiliently we face the changes, the ups and downs that a business goes through. ”
Chante Butler
Head of DEI at Flatiron Health

Don't settle for quiet quitting. There's another way.

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