Emotional Wellbeing for People of Color

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What is Mandala

Emotional wellbeing platform built by & for people of color

Mandala is a peer to peer community for people of color who want to enrich their emotional wellbeing. 

We bring together small groups (between 5 and 8 people) and work through a 4-week curriculum designed to build mindful awareness and self-compassion -- all through a community.

After the program, you are invited to join our community where we host events throughout the year.

How We Work

Four-week online program to build mindful awareness and self-compassion in a supportive circle

Anyone can join the Mandala emotional wellbeing community. We host dinner groups, meditation sessions, and invite wellness experts to connect with us. All of that starts with cohorts where we work through a curriculum over the course of four weeks.

Every Sunday, from 2–4 PM PT, we meet on Zoom with a facilitator. This facilitator is a peer who’s been through our program, and is using a curriculum based on a workbook that we’ve published and we’ll be sending to you.

Learn more about the set-up, structure and community.
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Why We Exist

We exist because we want to invest in our wellbeing in a way that’s authentic, affordable and exciting

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Research indicates that POCs are ~33% as likely as the broader population to access traditional forms of mental health care.

There are three reasons why:

1. Diversity: 84% of mental health providers don't look like us. This means the first few sessions of therapy are spent explaining cultural context. 

2. Cost: The average provider charges between $100- $200/hr. And while therapy can meaningfully help most people, it can be cost prohibitive to POCs.

3. Isolation: There's (still) a societal stigma that’s associated with getting help. And then, to make matters worse, there’s guilt from being the odd sheep of our families. All of it can feel isolating.

We believe that building better emotional health compounds generationally. It will not only help us, but the families who came before us and the families that come after us.  




“Mandala will give people the space, experience and community to work on themselves, work on their mental health and well-being and show themselves they love themselves in an actual way.”

- Mahmoud