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Belonging & Well-Being for BIPOC Employees

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What is Mandala
What is Mandala

Belonging & Well-Being platform built by & for BIPOC

Mandala is a belonging & well-being platform that helps BIPOC build self-compassion & social connection.

We believe in the power of peer to peer. That’s been our source of resilience over generations -- ordinary people helping one another -- and we want to unleash that in an organized, community-driven way. 

We offer two services, one that’s for everyone (The Mandala Community) and one that’s for business (Mandala for Business).  

How it Works
What We Offer

We're on a mission to build well-being through resilience, self-compassion and social connection.

The Mandala Community. Open to anyone above the age of 18. We host weekly meditation sessions, personal coaching workshops and therapist-run events. Finally, this is a space where members can meet and connect with others and share what's going on in our lives -- in group and 1:1 environments.

Mandala for Business. We partner with people & organizations to support their strategies around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; at Mandala, we are focused on Inclusion because we believe that the key to unlocking that sentiment is to enable POCs to feel enough & feel like they belong. We currently offer the following:

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Why We Exist
Why We Exist

We exist because we want to invest in our well-being in a way that’s authentic, affordable and exciting

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1. Systemic racism affects our well-being, and there are few spaces for us to acknowledge that. 
In 2020, the Census Bureau reported that the murder of George Floyd and the rise in AAPI hate left a clear impact on the mental health of the Black and Asian populations. Where do we go when we need support? 

2. We are less likely to use mental health servicesThroughout history, people of color have focused on survival and success. Notions of “belonging” or “well-being” have been after-thoughts for those who came before us. Moreover, only 17% of the psychologists in the United States are people of color. Even if we do use mental health services, we wonder: am I the only one? Enter: Community.

3. We believe that a safe, nurturing community for people of color will allow us to live our best lives in the workplace and in the world. There’s evidence that community, especially one that’s tailored to care about your well-being, is actually one of the best ways of counteracting the burnout we feel. 




“Mandala will give people the space, experience and community to work on themselves, work on their mental health and well-being and show themselves they love themselves in an actual way.”

- Mahmoud

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