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Mandala felt like food for the soul. It became a safe place for me that I could go to every week. Before Mandala, there would be many days where I would’ve been a stress ball getting off to work. But now as I go through my day I’m decompressing, at the end of the day, I’m not this ball of negative energy. I’ll go grab my guitar off the wall, I’m smiling and energetic.
Dwana Agosto
Compliance Manager
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Mandala has helped me understand how I as a person of color navigate through life personally and professionally. And also, it provided me tools on how to be compassionate to myself, deal with my stressors, and be able to understand the world a bit better than prior to joining this.
Amri Abuseman
Director of Engineering
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“Mandala’s Resilient Leadership program has been one of the most powerful interventions I’ve been exposed to in the workplace, changing how I work with my team and the people around me. One of the challenges I’ve had in my career is learning how to have difficult conversations. I find that now, I’ve been able to understand how to communicate in a way that’s both direct, and empathetic of people’s experiences. Every manager or leader in the workplace would benefit from what Mandala has to offer.
Irene Nunes
VP of Global Regulatory Affairs
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Mandala has been one of the most powerful investments we’ve made into our workplace. From our managers, to our BIPOC employees, to our entire workforce, this is the kind of programming which can move the needle on psychological safety, well-being and ultimately resilience.   
I’ve heard feedback from participants like, “this has changed how I interact with my kids,” or it’s “given me a moment of pause before I reacted.” That’s why I got into this work – to create an employee experience that actually meets the needs of people.
And on a personal level, I’m seeing a different level of engagement in any initiative. Mandala isn't a service that sits on a shelf. It’s a service that transforms how we understand ourselves and each other. And how resiliently we face the changes, the ups and downs that a business goes through.
Chante Butler
Head of DEI at Flatiron Health

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