Our Services

Here at Mandala, we offer three core programs:
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Resilient Leadership

Whereby managers are given a safe space to explore the challenge and calling of leadership today, while cultivating deeper self-awareness, emotional regulation and social connection. Intended audience: people managers across levels (Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, C-Suite).

Why it matters:

Managers have the most impact on the psychological safety, and well-being of their people. Done well, managers can materially impact how present, productive, and innovative their teams are.

And yet, very few business schools or training programs equip leaders with the skills they need in order to do this part of the job well. But that's not true -- like any skill, the capacity to practice and build resilience is learnable.

What we do:

We help managers enable their teams through cohort-based learning. We take managers through a sequential program n how they can deepen their self & social awareness, connect internally and externally, and bring more mindfulness-based approaches into their lives and workplaces.

Topics Include:

* Having Difficult Conversations
* Building & Sustaining Trust
* Learning How To Pause

What they've said:

"Mandala’s Resilient Leadership program has been one of the most powerful interventions I’ve been exposed to in the workplace, changing how I work with my team and the people around me. One of the challenges I’ve had in my career is learning how to have difficult conversations. I find that now, I’ve been able to understand how to communicate in a way that’s both direct, and empathetic of people’s experiences. Every manager or leader in the workplace would benefit from what Mandala has to offer.” -- Irene Nunes, VP of Regulatory at Flatron Health

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Resilience Community

Whereby all employees are brought together to name what makes them feel stressed, understand the science around it, and create a pathway towards better stress management – while being in community with one another

Why it matters:

The hidden killer of creativity and innovation is stress. It’s also one of the biggest drivers of burnout. We don’t get the psycho-education around stress until it develops clinical or physical implications. Why wait until then? Let's do our part to build workpalces that know how to navigate through stress.

What we do:

We organize monthly sessions on Stress, open to all employees. Each session involves a combination of psycho-education, practice and community-building – and designed in a way that allows you to pick and choose the sessions that feel most relevant for you.

Topics include:

* Stress 101
* Managing Difficult Emotions
* Interpersonal Stress

What they've said:

"I'm excited to try many of these tools personally and also encourage my 9 year old daughter to as well alongside me."

"It gave me a sense of community, and though culture often makes it taboo to discuss, it is reassuring to others' stories and to feel less alone."

"The term "complete the stress cycle" is new to me and resonated really strongly. I realize I haven't been completing the cycle in a way that reduces my stress levels."

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Resilience Circles

Whereby BIPOC managers explore the journey of their emotional well-being over the course of ten weeks, developing a community and crafting a personalized mindfulness practice, stress management tools, and compassionate inner-dialogue.

Why it matters:

BIPOC are half as likely to use well-being services even when they are available for free, in part due to the fact that no program was ever developed with their world-view in mind. Which can make the experience of seeking support an isolating one. This issue gets compounded in the workplace, where BIPOC are prone to reporting lower levels of psychological safety and higher levels of burnout.

What we do:

We facilitate hourly small group sessions (5-8 people) over the course of ten weeks. This offering is specifically available for BIPOC managers and is a cohort-based program. At the completion of the ten weeks, participants are invited to join alumni in monthly sessions. Topics include:

* Mindfulness
* Inner Child & Inner Critic
* Stress Management for BIPOC 

What they've said:

“Mandala felt like food for the soul. It became a safe place for me that I could go to every week. Before Mandala, there would be many days where I would’ve been a stress ball getting off to work. But now as I go through my day I’m decompressing, at the end of the day, I’m not this ball of negative energy. I’ll go grab my guitar off the wall, I’m smiling and energetic.” – Dwana Agosto, Compliance Manager at Flatiron Health.