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Who We Are

Mandala (“Mandala for Us Inc.”) is a Belonging & Well-Being platform that helps BIPOC build resilience through self-compassion & social connection. We believe in the power of peer to peer. That’s been our source of resilience over generations -- ordinary people helping one another -- and we want to unleash that in an organized, community-driven way.

To-date, we’ve observed a median reduction in burnout of 33% (MBI - the most common metric for measuring burnout), an improvement in mental health scores of 55% (GHQ-12, a pre-clinical tracker for mental health) and a net promoter score of 92 (NPS).


Listen to what members had to say.

Why Do We Exist?

1. Systemic racism affects our well-being, and there are few spaces for us to acknowledge that. In 2020, the Census Bureau reported that the murder of George Floyd and the rise in AAPI hate left a clear impact on the mental health of the Black and Asian populations. Where do we go when we need support? 


2. We are less likely to use mental health servicesThroughout history, people of color have focused on survival and success. Notions of “belonging” or “well-being” have been after-thoughts for those who came before us. Moreover, only 17% of the psychologists in the United States are people of color. Even if we do use mental health services, we wonder: am I the only one? Enter: Community.


3. We believe that a safe, nurturing community for people of color will allow us to live our best lives in the workplace and in the world. There’s evidence that community, especially one that’s tailored to care about your well-being, is actually one of the best ways of counteracting the burnout we feel. 

Meet the Team


Tarun Galagali

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Founder & Organizer

“I do believe we are our ancestor’s wildest dreams, especially as it relates to our well-being. I want a space to build lasting emotional wealth for myself and give future generations a healthy, happy mind.”


Priscilla Rangel, MSW

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Head of Community

“I believe Mandala can help BIPOC community members make space in their lives where emotions are normalized and valued as a part of ourselves that is worthy of care. There’s no better form of preventive medicine.”

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Dr. Leighna Harrison, PhD

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Head of Programs

"Most of the clients I see need Community. It's been a long time coming for a space like this to exist. I'm so glad it does." 

Meet the Advisors

Cassie Headshot Color_edited.jpg

Cassie Choi, RN

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Co-founder, Pair

“I'm passionate about supporting Mandala's mission because the well-being of POC means the flourishing of our greater community. Using a group setting to build relationships and extend access to emotional wellness brings diversity and equality to mental health, a human right.”


Mahmoud Khedr

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Global Mental Health Advocate

“I believe in Mandala because it is more than a program -- it’s a community, a philosophy, and a movement that prioritizes diversity and inclusion. There is a nuance needed to support BIPOC wellness and that is the intentional approach of the team. That will make all the difference!”


Bisma Anwar LMHC 

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Liscensced Mental Health Counselor 

"I really believe in Mandala's mission to support the mental health of BIPOC individuals.The idea to build a community where they can learn strategies to take care of their mental health and to educate others is a great way to de-stigmatize mental health."


Dr. Meenakshi S. Denduluri

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Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Stanford University

"I believe in Mandala’s mission because I think many people don’t have enough of the sense of psychological nourishment that comes from feeling known, understood, and connected with others – Mandala provides an opportunity for this through peer to peer experiences with fellow people of color."


Angeli Patel, J.D.

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Associate, Paul Weiss 

“We live in a world that is beautiful and constantly changing. Mandala provides a space for POC who have never been expected to experience the beauty of this world. Creating a space for our fellow POC to not just survive but THRIVE is long overdue.”

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"It is more important than ever for people to be supported through peer relationships. Research clearly documents that connection in meaningful relationships has a powerful impact on one's overall health and well being."  

Former CEO of Mental Health America 

Betty Schwartz

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